Jo has been my personal trainer of choice for 2 and half years now. I have been a member of many gyms and had a few personal trainers over the years but none have understood and helped me reach my goals with the success that I have had since training with Jo.
Jo listens, each workout is different and she does not let me wimp out.
Her approach is holistic and seems to know when to push and how far.
I am hooked and would recommend her training without reservation.
Ann Regan

I wanted to lose some weight and improve my fitness but was struggling to motivate myself. I decided to work with Jo so that she could get me started on the right track.

The thing I was most nervous about was the thought of someone else knowing my weight and percentage body fat, as these aren’t facts I would normally share with anyone. I needn’t have worried. My secrets are safe with Jo! She was completely non-judgmental, professional and confidential. She really just used my stats to develop a suitable programme that worked for me and my goals. She worked me hard but each session was intensely satisfying. 

Jo continues to be a great source of continuing support and motivation and I am slowly but surely achieving the results I wanted.

‘I’ve been training with Jo since September last year, and it’s no overstatement to say that in the first three months I achieved more than in almost two years of training alone.
I am currently on a programme to build muscle and have been pleased with the progress we have made in such a short period. The main advantages of personal training sessions so far are:

  1. Going from having absolutely no knowledge or understanding of fitness routines, weights and what kind of programme is best suited to building muscle; to feeling confident with weights and understanding the purpose of each exercise.
  1. Visible physical improvement to my physique – there is still a long way to go to achieve my goal, but I can see and feel the impact of working out as each month passes.
  1. I feel much healthier. As well as looking better, I feel a lot better. This is due to exercising – but also, now that my goals seem achievable, it has encouraged me to improve my diet.

‘It’s the testament to how much I enjoyed the sessions that I quickly went from one session a week to two a week (and would quite happily go to three a week if I could afford it!).

‘In the past I have had negative experiences with personal trainers, I’ve felt that they don’t offer a programme tailored to my goals and have instead put me through a ‘one-size-fits-all’ routine. This hasn’t been the case with Jo, who has build a very specific programme and listened to me when I’ve asked to focus on certain muscle groups.

‘I’ve also appreciate the flexible approach Jo takes, so I have been able to set dates for training week-on-week to fit my schedule.

‘I’m not a person who loves going to the gym (actually, quite the opposite, I dread it), but Jo’s approach has meant that I’ve started to really enjoy the sessions – it’s varied, challenging and when you see your strength/fitness improving, it feels really rewarding. I am now in a position where I view my personal training sessions as an integral part of my weekly routine, rather than as a short-term novelty or luxury.’

Thom Holland


I’ve worked with Jo for the past 18 months. As a fellow personal trainer who has worked in the industry for the last 12 years, I would like to say how much I’ve learnt from Jo and how much she even helped me on the personal side of things with my own training.

It’s not uncommon for a personal trainer to help another, but how many can actually say that they have hired a personal trainer to train them, which is exactly what I did. I was over the moon with the results and the way Jo trained me.

You would think, looking at her, that she would be nice and kind, but that is a big mistake! She will take you to levels that even you yourself didn’t think was in you or that you could reach.

I’ve even gone as far as to recommend Jo to my friends and told another fellow personal trainer to join her page and discuss information and ideas with her as her knowledge on the human body and training blow me away.

Her dedication to her profession should not go unnoticed and I guarantee after you have trained with Jo, you’ll be over the moon with the results and what she has done and will do for  you.

I’ve also told my clients that if for any reason I can’t make my session Jo will do it and even gone as far as to recommend clients for Jo to train.

I look forward for when her classes are up and running. I will be one of the first to sign up.

Chris Yearwood


I still cannot move after the gym session with the most amazing personal trainer Joanna Taylor 🙂
This lady put me through hell, and also made me totally happy in the process – I will really highly recommend her to anyone 🙂
(and thanks to her I know I can squat with 40kg on my back)

Eris Discordia

IMG_0058‘Don’t be fooled by Jo’s angelic looks with her blonde hair and lovely smile. If you think you are in for a jolly on Jo’s PT sessions, then think again!

If once in while you are in a “can’t be arsed” kind of mood, Jo gets you back on track. Before you know it you’ll find yourself crawling on the gym floor from a “to the limits” workout.

What’s great about Jo’s work for me is that it is realistic and achievable. Great long term workout plan combined with brilliant and so simple diet advice. It’s all about core exercise to start with and I never imagined I’d be lifting the weights I lift after 7 months.

Tip from me: make sure you work out in between your PT sessions with Jo because the next session is always harder than the previous! Just so you can keep up with the pace.’

Yohann Trudeau


IMG_0069‘My personal training sessions with Jo were excellent. I was in a rut and she introduced me to new techniques, which were enjoyable and challenging.

‘Jo always kept things interesting so I never got bored, I actually really looked forward to each session!

‘I especially enjoyed working with heavy weights. I have back issues so I was previously intimidated by them. I couldn’t believe it when I lifted 60kg!

‘Doing 2-3 sessions a week meant I started seeing results in my energy, motivation and my body within weeks. Jo was really attentive and I felt that I was in very good hands.  I would have no reservation in recommending her as an excellent personal trainer.’

Radha Vyas


‘I have been working out with Jo for over a year now and feel I have finally found a fitness routine which works for me and, most importantly, I look forward to.

‘Prior to meeting Jo, I had assumed that weight training was strictly for guys who wanted to bulk up, so when on our first session Jo suggested that this would be our focus, I was quite shocked as I expected a mix of my previous exercise exploits which were the usual running, yoga, step and Swiss ball classes. However, after reassurance that I would not build bulging muscles and explanation regarding how weight training actually affects the body, I am now a convert.

‘At the beginning I did say a lot of “I can’t do that”, ie my big bug bear is press ups, but with Jo’s encouragement and subtle training techniques, I am now firmly of the opinion that everything just needs practice, technique and I can get there.  Press ups are now part of my pre-bed routine and I still get a kick out of being able to do them.

‘As I am quite a goal driven person, Jo has taylored every session so I can see my progress, which holds my interest and keeps me excited about the next session and its possibilities.

‘Every session gives me some more tips to take away, from diet to other forms of exercise and, best of all, more toned arms and thighs which no amount of running ever achieved.

‘I would heartily recommend Jo as a PT,  you will work out hard but the results will be amazing!’

Carol O’Keefe


IMG_0274‘Taylored For You Fitness does exactly what it says on the tin.

‘When you first meet Jo, she takes your measurements and asks you what you are trying to achieve. Then she creates you a plan to get to your goal.

‘In the sessions she is supportive, but not too pushy and helps you work to your limits.

‘After four weeks I could really see the difference the circuit style training was making to my overall fitness and, of course, waist line.

‘I would never have got this far without her support.’

Lloyd Brown


‘I think Jo is a great personal trainer as she’s very flexible and understanding and she really helps to get you motivated.

‘Sometimes the sessions are hard, but you always get a good workout.’

Jose Hita

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