Feeling good 

Well, I’m now two weeks into the challenge. I’m feeling a lot better than last week. The first week I think my body was in shock. Reduced carbs, no dairy and removing the majority of the caffeine I was used to really hit my body hard. The constant nausea last week had me fearing I might be pregnant. Walking down the aisle eight months’ pregnant wasn’t really in my plans! But fortunately I heard that feeling was normal and a lot of others were feeling the same way. The support from other challengers has been invaluable.

So I powered through and this week I feel full of energy. I’ve trained every day this week and feel fine. My sleep was quite disturbed for a while but I’ve started taking magnesium every day which seems to be doing the trick. The last two nights I’ve slept like a baby.

I don’t think I’ve fully stuck to the plan as rigidly as some. I have been out for several meals where I couldn’t fully control what went on my food, but you can’t put your life on hold. If I did, this wouldn’t be a pursuit of health. Health includes social interactions as well. 

Speaking of which, I spent two nights in the pub and managed to stick to sparkling water. I’m really pleased with this as one of the reasons for doing the challenge was that I thought my drinking was getting out of hand. If I couldn’t go a week or two without a drink, what would that say about me? I enjoy a nice glass of wine and it definitely loosens me up on nights out, being quite a shy person in nature. I don’t think I’d ever want to fully give up, but I’m happy that I can if I need to. 

Sitting in the pub without a drink can be strange but it’s made easier when it’s combined with another activity. In this case, there was a quiz on, so I could focus on that and not on what was in my glass. It was a fun night and I got to catch up with my friends without feeling deprived. 

The following night I went to a friend’s leaving do. I was worried I’d be judged for not drinking and people might try to bully me into having some alcohol as they have in the past. My tactic was to get a sparkling water with a slice of lime and lots of ice in it. It looked like an alcoholic drink so nobody was any the wiser. I’d really recommend this to anyone suffering from peer pressure. 

My only negative of the week is that the scale hasn’t moved. Now, I of all people, know that this isn’t a big deal. I have counselled many of my clients on this over the years who complained that their weight stayed the same, even though their clothes got looser. But it can be disheartening when you feel like you’re working really hard. 

In two weeks’ time I get to do another body fat scan so that’ll be the real verdict. In the meantime, I’ll keep pushing on, knowing that my body is healing and feeling a lot healthier than it has in ages! 


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