Shredding for the wedding

Hey all, long time! Life gets in the way sometimes and I’ve spent the last two years in a whirlwind of fun, travel, moving house etc. I got engaged to my gorgeous man in June and we’re getting married in May, so as you can imagine, things are pretty hectic!

As you know, I’ve always struggled with my weight, but in the past six months, I’ve managed to lose 10kg with relatively little effort. (If you’d like to know how I did it, let me know and I’ll write a separate blog post on that) I managed this while still going out for dinners and several glasses (bottles?!) of wine a week and enjoying numerous takeaways (pizza and thai curries – yum!).

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and my new shape – friends were commenting on how good I looked. And then I went wedding dress shopping…

Now, if you’ve never done this before, all I can compare it to is bikini shopping or jeans shopping – very depressing! My mum took a photo of me in my dream dress and my stomach bulged out so much, it nearly put me off. But then I thought: Why change the dress when you can change the body.

So that’s my aim in the run up to the wedding. I’m starting now because I don’t want to go on an unhealthy crash diet – I want to do this slowly. Oh, and Christmas is coming, so I’ll probably get derailed along the way!

I’m starting with a major kickstart. My gym is running an 8-week challenge so, with trepidation, I signed up. It involves cutting out alcohol completely (eek!), cutting the carbs for the first three weeks and training hard. The training is fun, but the nutrition plan will be more challenging. Will I be able to turn down drinks with friends, survive without that take away at the end of a long day and keep my fiancé, despite the hangry mood swings?? I’ll let you know as I plan to keep a diary on my blog over the next 8 weeks to let you know how I get on. Hope you all enjoy following my journey!

How I look now:

copy-of-dsc05126 dsc05131 dsc05134


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